A foodie’s 24 hours in Lisbon

All the way from Bairro Alto to Alfama, Lisbon is a very lively city filled with unique charm. Between one set of stairs and the other, make sure you leave space for a topfloor bite to eat. Here a foodie-proof guide for you to regain energy on a speedy-but-greedy 24 hour tour.

There’s a deep, gratifying feeling I experience when traveling. It happens in the very moment I wake up in the morning and suddenly acknowledge I’m somewhere I’ve never visited before. It’s that thrilling sense of curiosity, the exciting call for adventure, that sudden recognition there’s still a lot out there for me to discover. The adrenaline fills me in with enthusiasm and eagerness, and I’m out of bed almost with no need of coffee.

It’s a bright and breezy summer day. A quick shower, sneakers on, a sweet, energetic bite into a warm pastel de nata and that’s it: out to explore Lisbon, the city of stunning panoramas and tinted buildings, of millions steps and iconic cobblestoned streets, crossed from head to toe by its historical cable cars and imbued with that one-of-a-kind cool and laid-back atmosphere that will have you fall in love at first sight(seeing).

Turning day by day into a more and more wonderful melting pot of cultures, Lisbon’s shortly become a top European tourist destination with gastronomy being only just one of its many countable perks.

Breakfast: Cotidiano

Brunching at Cotidiano

Cotidiano blends in chilled vibes with beautiful look & feel, friendliness with charm, delicious flavors with healthy choices in a way that only the best smoothies could do. Go there for weekend brunch or for a late, relaxed breakfast. Do not miss the pancakes and the granola bowls, so good that will make you go nuts. Vegetarian and vegan-friendly options also available here.

Granola bowl

Cotidiano, Rua do Crucifixo, 2, Lisbon

Lunch: Petisqueira Conqvistador

Lunching Alfama style

Tucked away in a little, picturesque street in the heart of Alfama, Lisbon’s oldest district, Petisqueira Conqvistador is the ideal lunch spot when you’ve walked all the way up to San Jorge’s Castle and fancy a restorative break. On hot summer days, go for their mouthwatering Gazpacho to pair with Bolo do Caco, homemade sweet potato bread with garlic butter. Local specialties such as Octopus Salad and Bacalhau hold the spotlight on a varied menu packed with many shareable tapas-like options such as platters and fried snacks.

Meat and cheese platter

Petisqueira Conqvistador, Travessa de São Bartolomeu, 4, Lisbon

Dinner: IBO Restaurante

The dining room

Choose to embark on a “journey-within-the-journey” and reserve a waterfront veranda table at IBO Restaurante, a must-visit culinary spot where traditional Portuguese cuisine encounters Mozambican flavors in a delightful dining experience that’s pure joy for the senses. Chef João Pedrosa will superbly guide you on an exciting gastronomic tour while you remain comfortably seated and enjoy the view over the Tagus river. Top choices from the menu are the Crab and Mango Salad, the Prawn Curry and, for a sweet decadent finish, the Caramelized Banana with Ice cream.

The Crab and Mango salad

IBO Restaurante, Armazém A portaCais do Sodré 2, Lisbon

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