Aheste, Istanbul

Biting into tradition, with a contemporary taste.


Why Aheste

There are many reasons why Aheste is an authentic Istanbul win-win.

First of all, indecisive types will have nothing to be wishy-washy about: overwhelmend by an exciting menu made of mezes, they will be allowed to taste anything they may want to taste, all on the same table, all at the same time.

Control freaks will also find their zen spot here, knowing no precise sequence is meant to be followed when the one and only rule is to share and go with the flow.

Wine lovers will be thrilled at the sound of pairing different flavors to different wines, playing with local finds from Turkey as well as with international proposals.

Last but not least, cocktail fans will be surprised by an exclusive offer of homemade drinks, blending in creativity with innovation and exceptional good taste.


The experience

Aheste means “without hurrying” and, indeed, the place itself invites you to comfortably get seated, leave the rush behind and join the vibe. Even if the restaurant is usually very busy, staff will make sure you are warmly welcomed and feel at your ease during the whole experience, looking after you and spending time to assist you when needed.


The food

A modern take on the Turkish meyhane (tavern), Aheste is keen on slow food and organic ingredients. Vegetarians and pescatarians can choose from a variety of vegetable-only options on the menu, including artichoke confit and caramelised roast aubergine. If you’re not sure about what you should pick, then go for the three-course tasting menu which will surely satisfy both your curiosity and hunger.

My topfloor choice is the Dudi (Persian rice), definitely a must try course. Among the cold mezes, do not miss the hummus with tomato salad and olives, though be aware that you may not be able to eat hummus any longer once you are back home.


Cool atmosphere, cozy seating, friendly staff and, for sure, fabulous dishes, make Aheste one of my foodie’s top picks of Istanbul.

Just remember to book far in advance in order to reserve your spot: the restaurant is small and very popular in town, haunted by locals as well as travelers.

Choose Aheste for a memorable bite of tradition with a contemporary taste.


Contact and useful information


Mesrutiyet Cad. no 107-F
Beyoglu, Istanbul 34430

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